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Zombie Dogs – Creepiest science experiment ever done :

Zombie Dogs1940, a video of an experiment was released by Russian scientists in which a severed dog’s head was reanimated and kept alive for several hours by the use of machinery. A severed head of a dog was shown in that video that was hooked into an artificial blood circulation system called Autojector or Bryukhonenko. As  the autojector started to pump fresh blood to the dog’s head, it slowly returned to life. To confirm that the dog is alive, scientists rubbed a q-tip of some liquid to its nostril which the reanimated dog instantly began licking. Not only the dog was licking, it was also responding to sounds by wiggling its ears. Soviet scientists claimed that by using this heart-lung machine, they could bring dead animals or their organs back to life.

You can watch that video on youtube but i must warn you against violent imagery with extreme cruelty to animals. But that was just the beginning. Another soviet scientist Vladimir Demikhov conducted similar kind of experiments in 1954, but instead of bringing a dead back to life, he grafted the head of a mature dog onto the vitals of a puppy. He created twenty of such creatures, yet due to tissue rejection, none lived long. In 1970, Robert White, funded by the government of United Stated also successfully brought a chopped off the head of a monkey back to life by connecting it onto the body of different monkey.

Zombie DogsEight years back in 2005, American scientists at the University of Pittsburgh again conducted same kind of experiments flushing out the blood from the bodies of dogs and replacing it with sugar-filled saline and oxygen. Dogs were then resurrected by giving them a blood transfusion and a series of electric shocks. They claimed that this research will one day will help doctors to revive people who are hemorrhaging blood too quickly in sever injuries.

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