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A teenage girl stopped a boy from committing suicide with a simple kiss :

teenage girl stopped a boy from committing suicide

The things hard to imagine are very possible in this vast sphere. A simple kiss made a young man strong enough to recover him from his impractical thought of suicide. A Chinese guy, when found that nothing was going his way, decided to cusp his life. The incident took place in a well crowded shopping mall of Shenzhan, China.
A huge gathering neighbouring a young anonymous fellow, clinging to the barrier on the very top floor of the building caught the eyeballs of Lui Wenxiu, while passing by a pedestrian in the Guang Province. The guy was holding a knife to his chest, standing alone on the barrier. Among the huge crowd, staring at the drama, none of them bothered to console the, or even dared to talk with him.
The girl, Wenxui, wanted to talk with the guy, but the security didn’t allowed her to do so. Somehow, she managed to talk with him by giving the reasonable reason to the police that she was the girlfriend of that boy who was attempting the suicide. The girl talked with that broken heart and came to know that the fellow was disturbed because of some family issues. She convinced the guy that he can share the stuff troubling him as she also belonged to a broken family and could understand him well. The guy, being handcuffed by the affection and care, further shared his botheration with the girl that his mother passed away, and his stepmother didn’t used to treat him the right way and then, one sad day, she left him all alone with his father’s wealth.
Wenxui, got touched with the story of this depressed guy and felt she was in actuality his girl and could help him like that.
The drama beautifully ended like a fairy-tale. Lui Wenxui hugged the boy and kissed him desperately. The cops then saw the situation being in control, took its advantage by taking away the knife and making him safe for life by pulling him inside the handrail of the bridge.
Lui further helped the forces as, the guy refused to disclose his reasons for suicide without the presence of the girl owing her life.

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