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Pupula Duplex – ” The Evil Eye”

Pupula Duplex“Pupula Duplex” is said to be a rare condition in which a person has two irises and two pupils in one eye. But is this condition real or simply a myth?
In simple words it means double pupil or sometimes it is also referred to ‘EVIL EYE’. In medical literature it is termed as Polycoria and is explained as- “The existence of two irises, cornea and retina in the same eyeball of an eye and it is same for the other eye too that is the person having this condition is having 4 irises but two eyes, whereas normally there are two irises one in each eye. This type of condition is a result of genetic mutations and is not hereditary.” The condition has never been specified in any medical journal and thus there is not a single supporting real life evidence and existence of any case. It is taken as mythological and sometimes portrayed as fiction in science literature.
Though there is no medical record but there exists the myth of Liu Chung- the Chinese minister in 995 A.D. It is believed that he suffered from this rare genetic mutation. He’s even featured on Ripley’s believe it or not and also a wax statue of Liu Ch’ung exists in Ripley’s museums, such as the one in London. 
Pupula DuplexThe statue contains the following caption:
The Double-Eyed Man
Believe it or not! Liu Ch’ung was born with double pupils in each eye. Despite his abnormality, he became Governor of Shansi, China, and Minster of State in 995 A.D. Later, through an affair with the Dowager Empress, he had his son proclaimed heir apparent of all China! Although Liu Ch’ung’s condition is extremely rare, other 4-eyed men have been recorded by medical science. In 1931, Robert Ripley personally met a double-eyed man named Henry Hawn living in Mills Kentucky!
Now the Question that might be popping up in your mind is – “If a person is having two irises will he able to see with both of them?”  It is said that the person having this condition may develop the ability to increase the visual information taken. Focus can also be higher. But due to less evidence case study has not been up to the mark so it is not certain how the information will be interpreted by the brain.

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